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Week 1 August 25 - 29

Policies & Procedures

Classroom rules

Humble ISD Responsible Use Policy

Daily Diligence

Student Information form


  1. Learn about Google Drive/Google Docs space, create a folder titled Animation in your drive, share with all of Humble ISD

  2. Update Google Site for this class, using Humble ISD account.

  3. Design and decorate the classroom in teams

  4. Begin Idea and Pitch Unit


Tasks & Assignments due 1st grading period

  • Digital Narrative about something in your life (see more details below) Create a STORY - not a Powerpoint or slide show

  • Work in teams to decorate the room.

  • T-shirt design

  • UIL state contest ideas & creation of video

  • Beginning of 4th period, one person will tell a story (summarize a podcast) – sign up for a date

  • Podcast – "book report" - quick sketches to go along with a typed summary

  • 4 tutorials (Premiere, AE, Animate Character Animator or Maya) 1st one must be a drawing or painting tutorial

  • Service Learning – sports (you can do a tutorial to create motion graphics for sports)

  • Choose a template here https://motionarray.com and learn to create it from scratch
    or here 
    https://www.videoblocks.com/videos/templates  One due each grading period. You must choose from a different category each time  1st grading period must be done with a partner figure it out together, but each must create their own

Digital Narrative

The concept of digital stories

A digital narrative is usually a short narrative creating by combining still and moving images and music or other sounds. Notice on how the examples below usually have one or two types of actions: the content moves or movement within the content and instances when users must perform an action to access the content.


Pine Point

Computer History Museum’s website tells the story of the 2,000-year history of computing in both linear and nonlinear ways: www.computerhistory.org/revolution/

Waterlife is a preview for a documentary film similar to the cinematography and storytelling from the film. Especially interesting are the navigations, which mimic the motion of water: http://waterlife.nfb.ca/

We Choose The Moon was designed to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar landing by developing an interactive re-creation of the event: www.wechoosethemoon.org/

Arizona State University and the Institute of Human Origins created this documentary:www.becominghuman.org/node/interactive-documentary

Second Story’s site contains links to a variety of websites with interactive features on subjects ranging from the visual arts, architecture, and music to history, geography, and the sciences: www.secondstory.com

Week 2 September 8 - 12 Continue Idea and Pitch Unit | Storytelling - Pixar & Ted Talk

Week 3 September 15 - 19

Week 4 September 22 - 26- Basics of Animation - More eye movements and the Walk Cycle

Week 5 September 22 - 29 - Script writing - click the link. Other items on this week's agenda are:

  • Choose a day for this week's Animation Expo - Wednesday or Thursday? Get TV from AV studio on Tuesday.
  • Alien project due end of class on Tuesday
  • Scripts - who is passionate about their projects? Decide which projects to move forward. Vote again, but not for your own project?
  • UIL projects - set teams, assign roles
  • Evaluate scripts based on our rubric that we sent to the state
  • Animated Infographic project - introduction


November 2017 assignment list here

Doors project - - assignment here

UIL project progress - due weekly

Maya Udemy course - see me if you want to learn 3D modeling and animation

After Effects tutorials: - Due weekly

I've got lots. See me to make sure you are doing an appropriate tutorial.

Here are others:

lesson 7 The Power of Effects - All the tutorial videos and assignment instructions are here (Summative Assessment here too)

Watch the animated paint and the growing vines tutorials. Follow along to learn the techniques. you will need to incorporate these techniques into your Music Visualization project.

Animating Paint Strokes - For your grade you should have 2 different compositions a word and some moving dots. (You can animate the paint strokes spelling out something!!!!!) Wowie, wowie, wowser!! Do that! Animate your name spelled out and make it glowing dots, +10 if the dots are purple like the example. Show me!!

Growing Vines.  Make those vines grow. You don't have to do them all, just get the gist of it and incorporate the technique in your project.

Growing Vines and Painting and Animating Strokes start files are located here._ Download the .aep file and the graphics folder. You will also need the vine.ai file, which is in the Graphics folder. Graphics folder also lives in the Student common, Wehrman > Advanced Animation folder. It may already be on your hard drive.



Week 1December 1 - 5

Week 2 December 8 - 12

Week 3 December 15 - 19 -

Finish all animation assignments:

1st semester reflection - do this first

November 2016 assignment list here

Doors project - Due Friday, November 13 - assignment here

UIL project progress - due weekly



Week 1

3rd grading period assignments


Old stuff

My game - attempt 3

Mossballs attempt 18

Game another attempt at upload

To do this month:

Finish Doors, UIL work, tutorials and Kinetic Type

Animated Collage - see project inspiration here

  • Based on your own collection of items
  • Based on the work of a famous artist
  • Based on the work from a Graphic Design student (pair up with a Priesmeyer student)

PSA - Animated Infographic, or commercial. Advertise one of the computer courses offered at AHS




Kinetic Type - new project - Spring 2019


3D unit - Spring 2018

You will be working through some tutorials to learn about Cinema 4D with After Effects.You will learn some 3D skills in case you want to use that in your explainer video.

Work through these video tutorials Save the folder to your hard drive and actually do each step.

Graded assignments:

  1. video 1 Intro to 3D layers - show me the cloud intersecting into the sun.

  2. video 2 Camera & lights - show me the added light and camera Choose your own color for the light, you don't have to pick blue

  3. video 3 3D layer properties - show me  the shadow casting through the color and the shape of overall, kind of like stained glass

  4. video 4 Null object parenting - show me the 3D null rotating centered around the sun.

  5. video 5 building a basic camera rig - show me the camera rig, with easy ease, moving from the clouds to the car which drives




Graded assignment: Be ready to pitch a whole class idea AND a personal project to enter in festivals on


Independent Project - What do you choose?


After Effects -

Puppet tool tutorial by Banda

Download start file here | download required footage here

Scholarship applications - required by every student

Write an essay - win a scholarship


Independent Projects

Individual Animation contest entry - win money!

Flash Game Programming - I have the materials, see me

Stop Motion


Kinetic Type

Game Maker- I've got stuff

Animate the 1730 rules

Anything else.... Tell me your idea!


Update e-portfolios Try Wix or Weebly

To be included in e-portfolio:

  • Résumé

  • 3D work

    • Physics final project (Rube Goldberg machine & or components) See some ideas pinned here

    • modeling - characters, objects & an environment

    • animation

    • example of a particle system for visual effects such as rain, snow or fire

    • animation of a rigged character

  • After Effects work

  • 2D animation work

  • Personal passion projects (games, music videos, etc)

  • Typography work

  • Example of audio effects and/or sound editing (music video, UIL entries, etc)

Final Project - worth a bazillion points. you will fail if you don't do this. I promise!

Week 1 March 31 - April 4 - work on e-portofolio & final project

Week 2 April 7 - 11 - work on e-portofolio & final project

Week 3 April 14 - 18 - work on e-portofolio & final project

Week 4 April 21 - 25 - work on e-portofolio & final project

Week 5 April 28 - May 2 - work on e-portofolio & final project

Work on independent project


May 4 - 8 - work on e-portofolio & independent project

May 11 - 15 - work on e-portofolio & final project

May 18 - 22 - Finals week for Seniors, graduation on May 24

May 26 - 29




June 2 - 6 - Finals week