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Name Morph Animation

Example video here | Example file here

Use the how to videos if necessary, steps 2 - 7 here | Steps 9 - 11 here (There is no audio in these videos)

  1. Open a new Actionscript 3 document. Size 1920 by 1080 pixels. 24fps

  2. Add a frame (not a keyframe) on frame 72.

  3. Use text tool – pick font and color, you can download and install fonts from dafont.com if you like.

  4. Click and type your name.

  5. Click Modify > Break Apart Do this step as many times as necessary until there are no blue boxes around each letter.

  6. Put each letter on their own layer

    • Select all the letters

    • Right click > Distribute to layers

  7. Rename each layer

  8. On EACH LAYER, move the keyframe from frame 1 to frame 48, make sure there is blank keyframe in frame 1. It should look like a hollow circle, instead of a filled in black dot.

  9. Draw a shape or image in frame 1 of EACH layer. (Shape tweens do NOT work with symbols or grouped objects)

  10. Add a keyframe on frame 12.

  11. Add a shape tween between keyframes 12 & 48. This will animate the letters of your name from shapes that fly into the screen from all sides, assemble in the center, and morph into letters. (use a shape tween between frames 12 and 48)

  12. Choose your own background color and the colors for your lettering. You may find shape hints to be useful.

  13. Adjust the timing so that the viewer has time to admire your shapes before the morph and there is time to view your name.

Shape drawing hints:

  • You can use Photoshop – custom shape – save the file & bring into Animate, then trace the bitmap like you did with the character

  • You could also use Illustrator, if you know how

  • You can freehand draw shapes in Animate

  • You can get shapes from the Internets and trace in Animate


extra effort = higher grade

In order to earn an A, you need to use more complex shapes, not just a basic circle, or star from Animate (Don't be basic, don't do exactly like my how to videos)