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Scene Animation- Summative grade

Start with your traced images scene. It should have 2 traced characters and the girl drawn with shapes. You are free to use different characters that you have created yourself, if you prefer.

Make sure to use Actionscript 3 document in size 1920 by 1080 pixels. The animation should be as long as you need. Frames are free! Layers are free!

Use at least 5 of the skills from the list below to make things move in your scene. The more you practice the skills from the assignments, the better you will get as an animator.

More effort = better grade and better animation

Try to tell a story with this extremely short animation

Check out Alan Becker's principles of animation videos to try to make your animations more realistic.

When you are done, add your video to your Google Site on the Unit 1 page. Then complete this test.

Skills list

Granny Car skills

  • motion tween on main stage
  • motion tween in movie clip symbol
  • rotation using properties panel
  • Quick transform to enlarge an object
  • curving a motion path

Monkey skills: Motion tweens

  • Grow
  • Alpha
  • Ease in
  • East out
  • Rotate
  • Orient to path
  • Swap symbols

Solar house skills

  • Motion tween (to make the toast pop)
  • 3D door opening

Name Morph skills

  • shape tween
  • timing - so user can appreciate the art and the finished animation

Bouncing Ball Frame by Frame skills

  • frame by frame animation
  • squash and stretch
  • use of a reference image
  • adding layers to create a scene

Sun Rise & Sun Set skills

  • classic tween
  • animating with color effects (alpha, brightness, tint, advanced)
  • ease in ease out

Apple skills

Import & prepare the character video:

  • Convert art to a symbol
  • Put all the parts to be animated on separate layers (distribute to layers)
  • Reorder layers

Animate the character video: Applying motion tweens and shape tweens - nested animation

  • Animate a movie clip symbol (the apple)
  • Move the pivot (transform) point to a joint
  • Move the leaf (his “hair”) with a shape tween
  • Cut a shape
  • Paste in place on a new layer

Add Animation to the main timeline video:

  • Add frames to all layers (not keyframe)
  • Curve a motion path