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Walking with puppet tool in After Effects

In case you are interested:

PDF file that goes in depth with the walking

Web site with how to walk tips - Angry Animator

Watch these Alan Becker lessons:

Download and unzip the folder for realistic walking from this shared Google drive folder, and save it into you own master folder for walking.

Open the After Effect file

Set the composition to be in Frames

Set the composition to last for 75 frames

Shorten the work area to about 15 frames

Rig him

  • Use the Pan Behind tool to move the rotation points to the proper joint
  • Set puppet pins in his arms and legs

Frames will be timed like this

Add a background for your walker - There are many different methods - you can choose one, or use the Google to find another method

Use Photoshop or Illustrator, to create the art, or create a background in After Effects

File dimensions - make at least 3 times the width of your AE file (1920 * 3), or even wider, something like 6000 pixels by 150 pixels for mountains in a distance or buildings at a distance.

Bring the file into your AE file with the walker (Pick ONE of the following)

  1. animate the position of the background layer (easiest method) This guy will show you how to do this, if you need help.

  2. Animate a camera - better method, a bit more difficult, but has better results

  3. Mikey has another method - Parallax scrolling. This method is my favorite. (Watch this tutorial, then play it a 2nd time to actually make follow along)

  4. This tutorial shows you how to draw the background in Illustrator, then animate in AE a 3D city scape, with camera animation

Free art available here

ground, sky, vegetation

Antartica background, south pole accessor