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Walking with puppet tool in After Effects

Do this before or during announcements -

Check out these example of animated walking, be prepared to demonstrate the walk! (I'll take volunteers)


Your goal is to learn the following skills, you do not need to make your Baldy look exactly like the example. Just master these skills:

  • Copy paste keyframes
  • create puppet pins
  • keyframe puppet pins
  • keyframe rotation and position
  • set a marker
  • pan behind tool

When complete, Mr. Baldy will look something like this:


Some things that Mrs. Wehrman will demo are: See my notes here

  • how to import Mr Baldy
  • Retain layer sizes
  • File> Project Settings> Display time in frames
  • CTRL + click to change
  • how to create a null layer
  • how to turn on switches
  • how to parent
  • delete full model layer
  • how to add puppet pins to each layer
  • CTRL + right or left arrows goes frame by frame

Download the PSD file here. Save to a NEW master folder titled walk.

if you have mastered the basic objectives, do minutes 16 - 23 of the tutorial for extra credit & extra learning

Tutorial here:


Complete this reflection when you are all done