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Kinetic Type Project

Rubric here - Open the Google Doc, Click File > Make a copy, put into the folder titled Animation that is shared with me

Step 1: Choose one:

  • song

  • poem

  • dialogue from a movie/play/tv show

Step 2: Create a storyboard with plans and ideas (graded assignment) - Find the lyrics online, paste the lyrics on a Word doc, edit, print triple spaced so that you can sketch/write your ideas and the timeing.

Step 3: Audio - Use one of these online conversion tools. Edit the audio in Audition, 30 seconds or more, no explicit lyrics.

Step 4: Choose at least one new tutorial (do what you need to do, use any resource, you are not limited to below)

Resources: (here are some ideas that might help you)

Technique for doing Kinetic Type

Animating with Audio - Audio Amplitude/Pick Whip

Fonts/ tutorials & inspiration Pin Board

Video CoPilot Audio to Animation

Using Music to Animate Layers

Animated digital paint

Puppet Tool


Past student work, on my YouTube channel

Adobe After Effects: Music Visualization - Ben Folds

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody (Chew Fu Festival Remix) Visualizer Music Video

"Illusion" by Draper

Reflection of Truth - Amanda Darling (HD VISUALIZER)

OneRepublic - Counting Stars Lyrics

Ty's Animation Federation video


Put a bird on it - What???