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September 26 - 29


Objective: To be proficient with writing and developing a premise for an animation production.

Essential Questions:

  1. Why is is the development os a good script vital for animation production?
  2. What members of an animation production team benefit from a script?

Assignments and Activities:

  1. Go to this site to get an overview of Dreamwork's Production Process.

  2. Preview this script. What do you notice about the script, the formatting, and the information included?

  3. Watch TMNT episode - Mobster from Dimension X (together as a class on the screen)

  4. Participate in class discussion of the script. Review narrative script writing.

  5. Write an outline for one of our class stories. You may work with one partner, or alone. Use a Google Doc for the outline so that you can share with others.

    Writing an Outline for an Animation Script

    Having already written the premise for animation production, the next step is to produce an outline that blocks out the different scenes and moments of the story. This is the prose version of the story idea. Begin to number and block the story at this point so we can see the beats (scenes) that the story will have. Focus on telling more of the story, the action, the interaction, and pacing of the story. There can be dialogue developing at this point, but it isn't crucial. Beats may run from 5 seconds to 3-4 minutes between changes, depending on the overall length of a production.

  6. The outline can and should be slightly longer than the premise, as more details and explanation is taking place at this point.  The outline should be one to three pages at this point.

  7. Work on Animation basics. Copy/paste frames to make each basic animation longer. Export as .mov and upload to Google Drive and insert on your site.


Objective: to write, develop, and sequence an outline for a script

Essential Questions:

  1. What do the characters say?
  2. How will the camera move?
  3. Describe physical environments


  1. Watch this video Beginnings: Setting a Story in Motion. It might be found here, if the site isn't blocked.

  2. Learn about Celtix for script writing. (5th period)

  3. Begin writing scripts for the stories
    • develop dialogue
    • introduce camera shots and moves
    • introduce transitions
    • describe physical environments
    • include audio notes


Objective: write, develop, and revise a final animation script for a production

Essential Questions:

  1. What audio do you need for the story?
  2. How will scenes transition?

Assignment: Continue working on final script. Work on animation basics if you get done with the script.


Objective: to identify and explain elements of a successful animation script

Essential Questions:

  1. What are the elements of a successful animation script?

Assignment: Print and share script. Work on animation basics if you get done with the script.


Objective: to identify and describe elements of an animation/story, including character, setting, plot, conflict/climax, and resolution

Essential Questions:

  1. How does each scene advance the plot?
  2. How does each scene increase the conflict?
  3. What is the denouement of this story?

Assignment: Work in groups to edit scripts. Revise the script as necessary. Print and share script.