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Independent Projects

Individual Animation contest entry - This contest has ended, but you could find another

Continue your animated story

Learn Autodesk Sketchbook Pro - use the Flipbook feature to create an animation

Learn how to paint digitally in Photohop - Ctrl+Paint

Make a 2D video game - Brick Breaker using Construct 2 - PDF tutorial here

Make a 2D video game using Construct 2 - choose a tutorial from here

Group project - Animate a Spoken Word Poem - see one example here

Stop Motion - I've got new materials & cameras

3D - See me

Kinetic Type - Another project in a different direction

Animate the 1730 rules

Animate an Infographic - my Pinterest board full o'ideas | Ideas and inspiration here too! (You will need to log in to Pinterest)

The Audition - Claymation or 2D

Create a Google Doodle

Create an animated Public Service Announcement

Create a Production Logo to include in your future work


Anything else.... Tell me your idea!