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August 20 - 24 - Bell Schedule

Monday & Tuesday- - Welcome to class! - meet your classmates, learn about first assignment About Me video

  1. Name tags - Write your first name (or whatever you want me to call you) on the front in BIG letters. Put your class period in the corner.

  2. Turn the name tag over and draw an Animation personal history timeline. Create a visual timeline of your experience with Animation over your lifetime. Document what brought you here, to this class, today. Ask your parents to help you remember videos that you liked best. Start with the first movies you remember enjoying and include anything animated including games.

  3. Class discussion: Humble ISD Responsible Use Policy for students - handbook here

  4. Parent letter

  5. 1730 - Rules for a Reason - What are we going to do about cell phones?

  6. Showcase - see projects that were completed in previous years

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday -

  1. Share timeline with class
  2. Learn about Google Drive/Google Docs space as necessary

Graded Assignments:

  1. Animation Personal history timeline

  2. Create Google Site for this class, using Humble ISD account.

  3. Create a folder titled Animation-to be graded in your Google drive, share with all of Humble ISD

  1. Take the diligence quiz