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Skeleton & Halloween - Learn about sounds

Monday - Skeleton Animation

Learn how to add audio to a .fla file - teacher demo, then students do (This is for the learning)

  1. Download and open this file - save it to your new folder in your Google drive

  2. Go to here to find 2 audio clips

  3. Download the audio file to the same folder as the skeleton

  4. Make a new layer in your Animate CC file

  5. Click File > import to library > browse to your audio file

  6. Drag the audio file out of the library and drop in in the middle of the skeleton

  7. CTRL + Enter to test your movie

  8. Add another layer, add a keyframe around frame 20

  9. Add another audio file

    *Extra credit opportunity - watch this video to learn more about the bone tool. Add art and animate your skeleton. Render and post to your site.

Graded assignment Halloween witch animation - Download this file

  1. open and test the file (CTRL + Enter)

  2. explore each layer, try to figure out what is happening and how it is happening

  3. Go to here to find audio clips Add at least 5 different appropriate audio clips at the proper point in time

  4. Change or tweak the animations to suit your own creativity

  5. Export as a .mov and add to your Google site, on the 2D animation page.