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Doors Animation project

This will be a class collaboration based on this project. The best animations may be submitted to contests. You can WIN!!!

The rules:

    1. Must be a stick figure animation

    2. Design an environment in which the animation takes place. The environment (background) fits the motions of the stick figure's actions. (for example, if stick figure is swimming, the background should be water, if it jumps, make evident why it is jumping, include assets like rocks or clouds or whatever is relevant)

    3. Must be 3 - 8 seconds

    4. Use any program you want for animation (Flash, After Effects, Pivot, or any combination)

    5. Include your name in the upper right corner of the room. This can be a personal logo, if you have one.

    6. Audio is optional, but do not include music, as there will be one track for the entire video.

    7. Render as MP4, or .mov, or .avi

    8. Put a copy of your rendered video in the Wehrman Student common Finished Doors folder. Make sure your name is included in the file name.

    9. Turn your project in by uploading to you Google Drive, Animation folder and inserting on your Google Site on the Flash page

GET THE TEMPLATES and the Pivot program from the Wehrman Student common folder.


If you want to work at home, use the following links.

Template here for Flash, you can render as .mov and take into After Effects or any program

Pivot - free download for stick figure animation here - template for Pivot doors project here