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September 24 - 28

Monday & Tuesday

Classic tweens & Shape Tweens

Classic tweens - example 1 (extra) | example 2 (basic)

  1. Sun rise and sun set with classic tween - whole class instruction

  2. Add a background layer, change the sky color from night to day and back to night as the sun rises and sets, using classic tweens and color effect.

  3. Add an object to the scene. Use a classic tween to make the object appear small at the horizon and then large at the end of the animation.

  4. Render, add to 2D page of Google Site - label Classic Tweens. Instructions on how to Render/export are here

Shape & Motion Tweens - Whole class instruction - example

  1. Use shape and motion tweens and your drawing skills to create a short animation.

  2. Render, add to 2D page of Google Site - label shape & motion tweens, Instructions on how to Render/export are here

Block Day - Show & Tell

Friday (Pep Rally Day)

Frame by Frame animation

Use the Google to search for this term "bouncing ball reference video" then watch the video.

Open this file in Animate - work along with Mrs. Wehrman to create a bouncing ball

On your own - insert 3 layers, add the ground, the background (sky or other), and a platform. Example shown on teacher's screen and can be downloaded here.

Render the video, add to Google Drive Animation folder and insert on Google Site

  1. Watch Alan Becker's 12 principles of animation - Squash & Stretch

  2. How does the frame by frame animation created yesterday fit this principle?

    Extra! Download and open this frame by frame example