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About Animation


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Animation class ideas pin board

Scope & Sequence

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4th block day- share a video game or animated movie

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Week 1 assignments - September 7 - 15

Week 2 assignments September 18-22 -- Prepare images in Photoshop, Meet Adobe Premiere & Audition

September 25-29 (week 3)

Monday -

  1. Join my Animation Google Classroom - class code = 8tnlkhv, make sure you are signed into Google with your Humble ISD user account

  2. Finish Digital Story, add to home page of Google Site

  3. Watch these 4 videos to see examples of animations created with Adobe Animate/Flash and then learn about Adobe Animate/Flash

  4. Open Adobe Animate and begain to explore the drawing options - show me what you create

  5. Student presentations - digital stories

Tuesday: Finish student presentations, take Unit 1 quiz/reflection - in Google Classroom, draw in Adobe Animate

Block day: Animation Expo! Share your passion. What will you bring???

Friday: Meet Adobe Animate CC - Teacher guided notes here.



October 2 - 6 - Learning! Master beginning skills - Assignments here

October 9 - 13 Assignments here

October 16 - 20 Assignments here Block Day: Stop Motion, Mary & Max

October 23 - 27 Objective for the week -- to appreciate the effort that goes into making a stop motion animation, and to inspire you to create your own high quality production. Assignments here

October 30 - November 3 - Assignments here


November 6 - 10

Stop Motion Project - all the steps

November 13 - 17

November 20 - 24 Thanksgiving break

November 27 - December 1



December 5 - 9

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - out of classroom due to testing. Location to be determined.

December 11 - 15 - Finals Week

Critique & semester review - do this first - on the day of the final or on Tuesday

Finish stop motion and doors project. Make sure they both play on your web site before you leave the classroom.

Put a copy of the Doors .mov file into this folder. The filename must be yourname_doors.mov

Skills test - final - create a opening title sequence for your Stop Motion project. Use all your Animate CC skills, including the skills taught when you animated your morphed name.

Animate CC Final - 2015, extra credit for 2017, start file is in the student common



Week 1 January 3 - 5


Thursday: Beginning After Effects - Motion Graphic Unit - preview of After Effects projects (Teacher demo, students follow)

  • Mastery of Beam, Glow & CC Starburst
  • animating effects

Friday: Review of Beam & CC Starburst (quiz)

Week 2
January 8 - 12

Monday Fractal Noise in After Effects - Motion Graphic Unit

Effects Experimentation & Quiz:

Open AE > New project > New comp > new solid layer(s)

Experiment with effects - (especially check out the CC effects) demonstrate to the people sitting to your right and to your left, no repeats of effects. You must do something different from the people sitting next to you!

Tuesday Learn stuff, take quiz & do assignment

Wehrman teaching time!

Download this file. Save it into your own space with the name "Patterns"

Fire (done together with me) - recipe for basic fire is here | Recipe for advanced fire is here

Make your own pattern composition. You may do something similar to the provided examples or completely do your own thing. Each comp has to have Fractal noise plus at least one other effect.

Graded assignments For your grade, you will need to show me 2 compositions, Fire and 1 of your own.

Block Day

  1. Quiz - Complete this quiz with the Patterns file (from yesterday) open for reference

  2. Student assignment - Create Planet scene | Example here - for a grade - show me

  3. More good learning: Teacher demo, students follow, making a dragon breathe fire

Download and open this file (dragon fire.aep)

Download this Illustrator file of a dragon - save the file into the same folder as your dragon fire.aep

Download this Illustrator file of a knight - save the file into the same folder as your dragon fire.aep

Create the fire. See my notes here to match the settings.

Do all the effects, none are optional. I want to see your Effect Controls, you should have these:

  • Turbulent noise
  • Colorama
  • Roughen Edges
  • Glow

For a grade, show me your dragon breathing fire.


Generate Effects: Teacher demo
Cell Pattern > CC Light Sweep, (continue with Cell pattern, disperse, size, evolution)
Circle & Elipse, (edge, feather)
Grid (add glow)
Lens Flare
Radio Waves

Teacher Demo TRAPS - Scale, Position, Anchor Point, Rotatation, Opacity - animate that stuff

Week 3 January 16 - 19 - Type & movement

  • Audio refresher - download this song

  • Learn Audio Spectrum.

  • Begin Project. - See examples, and make decision What is a technique you see in an example that you want to know how to do? You will be required to find your own tutorial, learn how to do something and incorporate that technique in your project.

Week 4 January 22 - 26

Continue Project

Week 5 January 29 - February 2 - Continue Project


Week 1 Feb. 5-9 - Finish Project.

Week 2 Feb. 12- 16 - Finish Project., Render the project, upload to the Animation folder in your Google Drive, insert on the Motion Graphics page of your Google site. Type on the rubric. Add the rubric to the bottom of your Google Site.

Graded assignment: Motion Graphic tutorials, do both, render and add each one to your motion graphic page of your web site. AND complete this reflection after each tutorial

  1. this tutorial that has spoken words, explaining things. - don't forget to complete reflection

  2. this tutorial that has no human speaking - don't forget to complete reflection

Week 3 Feb. 19 - 23 - Princples of Animation, new AE skills & Vintage collage

12 Principles of Animation by Alan Becker intro

Graded assignment: Motion Graphic tutorials, do both, render and add each one to your motion graphic page of your web site. AND complete this reflection after each tutorial

  1. this tutorial that has spoken words, explaining things. - don't forget to complete reflection

  2. this tutorial that has no human speaking - don't forget to complete reflection

Graded PROJECT: 7 second Animated Collage - see project inspiration here | See student example here - 5 CLASS PERIODS

The procedures: Rubric here

Create a BRAND new master folder.

Gather images. REQUIRED! Get images here New York Public Library. Save the images into your brand new master folder. You can also use Google Books to find antique images. Click Tools in the Google search and change the type to "Free Google eBooks". You cannot use regular Google Images.

Open Photoshop and create a new file that is 960 pixels wide by 540 pixels tall. Save the Photoshop folder in your brand new master folder.

  • Artistically combine objects in Photoshop Take the images out of their original context and use them in a unique way.

  • put each item that will be animated on a separate layer, thinking about the pieces that are going to move

  • include at least one texture for a background

  • Use an odd number of images

  • Incorporate your own art or Photoshop custom shapes (watch the video at the 18 minute mark)

  • Try to use the color replacement brush to add color to a black and white image

  • Here is a quick video on how to select objects in Photoshop CC to get rid of the background

Take the PSD file into After Effects and using the techniques you've learned from the lyric video and the motion graphic tutorials, animate that collage. Watch this one minute video on how to bring the Photoshop file into AE. You can add audio, or not, it is your project.

Watch the video to see some shortcuts in animating the collage. In Animation presets, check out the behaviors like wriggle and rotate over time. (34 minute mark)

Week 4 Feb. 26 - March 2 finish Animated Collage, Block day and Friday begin Character Animation Unit


Week 1 - March 5 - 9 - Finish animated, digital collage. Render, upload to Google Drive, add to Motion graphic page of Google Site.

Monday - Character animation - Mr. Baldy in After Effects

Tuesday - Celebrate iHop National Pancake day

Block day - watch The Book of Life

Friday, finish The Book of Life, watch the Behind the Scenes playlist on the YouTube

Week 2 - Spring break!

Week 3 - March 19 - 23

Week 4 - March 26 - 30


  1. Check grades
  2. Check schedule for next year
  3. More walking - accurate walk cycle.

Tuesday - Friday: Finish walk cycle, and then create the background for your walker

Week 5 March 27 - 31 - testing week bell schedule

Monday - Puppet Tool review - normal schedule

Tuesday - Block schedule, 1, 3 5 & 7

Finish Gus. Render and add to Character Animation page of Google Site.

Start lip sync - 3rd period will start Wednesday lesson

Wednesday - modified 7 period schedule

Learning: Look at these mouths - Whole class instruction - computers will be locked, look at screen

mouths one

mouths two

mouths three

On your own:

  1. Watch how to parent layers - Watch at Lynda.com, Chapter 1, lesson Rigging hierarchies in After Effects

  2. Learn to lip sync a bear - YouTube Link Or watch at Lynda.com, Chapter 1, lesson Rigging replacement animation in After Effects, follow along with the files below.

  3. Graded assignment Find your own or record audio, lip sync bear to the audio
    Files to download here | Bear.psd | bear.aep - create a folder to hold both of these files

Thursday - block schedule 2, 6, 4 & 7 - Continue lip sync, finish any missing assignment

Friday - normal schedule - Finish and render lip synced bear


Week 1 - April 3 - 7

Finish Gus, Converse Walker, Bear lip syncing

Storytelling unit - join my Google Classroom use code 8tnlkhv, or check your Humble ISD Gmail account for an invitation from me to join the class.

Do these graded assignments.

  1. Introduction to Storytelling- watch video, answering questions as they are asked during the video

  2. The Shape of Stories - watch video, answering questions as they are asked during the video, use the Google for the 1st question.

  3. "The Crush" Analysis & worksheet | Use this document to complete worksheet.

  4. How To Tell a Great Story - 5 storytelling Tips - watch video, answering questions as they are asked during the video

  5. Pixar Storytelling Rules - watch video, answering questions as they are asked during the video

  6. Coming Up with Story Ideas
Read this

Check this out

Week 2 - April 10 - 13 (no school on Friday)

  1. Class discussion - analysis of high school created animations - UIL State Finalists - 2016 | 2017 winners here | Parched

  2. Class discussion Logline, taglines and synopsis

  3. Pick a character from the Graphic Design character store - first come/first serve

  4. Story Synopsis - Develop an idea for a story - type the idea on this Word doc, save the file. Turn in to your Character Animation Page - due block day

  5. Script writing - block day

  6. Gather audio, save into master folder

  7. Work on art work for animation – additional characters, and backgrounds

  8. Idea Pitch

Week 3 - April 17 - 21

  1. Idea pitch

  2. story animation - Make that movie!

    • Import the first audio you need for the first scene
    • Import the art
    • Animate the story, use any software, or combination of software that you want to use

Week 4 - April 24 - 28 - story animation




Week 1- May 1 - 5 Begin Independent Project

Week 2 - May 8 - 12 Continue Independent Project

Week 3 - May 15 - 19 Independent Project - Conclusion here

Week 4 - May 22 - 26 - Finals for seniors




Week 1 - May 31 - June 2 Spring 2016 final exam